The project

Soup kitchen in Smutsville, South Africa

I KAYA LOTHANDO was founded in 2004 as a result of a call for help by Lydia Makombe, who was looking for sponsors to support her soup kitchen. An idea emerged, which was to remove Aids-orphans, street children and abused children from the streets and to at least offer them a place of refuge during the day. Olaf and Angelika, Lydia Makombe and Zoe Harrison decided to establish a play school.

Every person, irrespective of their race, upbringing, colour or creed, has the right to a humane existence, to be protected and supported, thus enabling them to a self- determined and responsible future. I KAYA LOTHANDO is working with the aim to fight poverty, corruption, exploitation, to help improve self esteem and to change the attitude toward HIV/AIDS through education. We rely on sponsors and investors who may be interested in supporting these intentions.

Through all day supervision and care, our goals are to feed the children who grow up in poverty and to offer them a feeling of security. These children are exposed to inhumane situations such as their parentsí alcohol and drug abuse, unhygienic living conditions, violent crime and rape and we want to give them a different view of the World to which they have been exposed to since birth. For this purpose, the furnishing of a play school is required, which will offer an educational program with creative games. We want to teach the basics of health and hygiene, to setup soup kitchens and create a refuge for sick and abused persons. To spark interest amongst the youth through creative workshops in different crafts e.g. jigsaw work and other woodwork projects. We would like to assist them to help themselves. We envisage erecting houses in which HIV & AIDS infected orphans may live with a family or mother and to erect workshops which will enable these people to free themselves from poverty. We need to establish a welfare organisation where those who are affected will participate, have work and are able to live a humane life.

What have we achieved?

A play school for 40 children was furnished and has been self-sufficient since the end of 2007.

A well-equipped soup kitchen was setup within the play school, which is also self-sufficient.

A basic course in parenting for the play school teacher was paid for and this in turn enabled her to find alternative employment.

The elderly and needy were catered for.

Woodworking and painting courses were held regularly with each visit.

The needy were clothed and fed.

Christmas parties and excursions were organised for the needy children.

A small credit of around EUR 60 was allocated.

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